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Korea wins in Budapest

Korea wins in Budapest

Surprise winner at Euro Ice Hockey Challenge

Published 24.11.2016 15:34 GMT+2 | Author Martin Merk
Korea wins in Budapest
Minho Cho scored one of Korea's goal in the final against host Hungary. Photo: Soohan Kim
A Euro Ice Hockey Challenge tournament took place in Budapest with teams from the top-two tiers of the World Championship program and a surprise winner.

The tournament, one of several during the November International Break, started in two groups with host Hungary beating Poland, 2-1, and Denmark, 3-1, for the group win. 2018 Olympic host Korea succeeded in the other group. A 6-4 win against Austria and a 3-2 shootout loss to Italy was enough to win the group as Italy previously had lost to Austria.

In the game for tournament win Sanghoon Shin gave Korea the lead but Karol Csanyi tied it up for Hungary before the end of the first period. The Koreans didn’t capitalize on their shot advantage in the first two periods but midway through the third period they regained the lead with a Minho Cho goal. The Hungarians battled for the equalizer but Canadian-Korean forward Michael Swift scored into the empty net with 51 seconds left in regulation time. The game ended with a 3-2 win for Korea after Istvan Terbocs had scored for Hungary with the final buzzer.

Austria blanked top-division nation Denmark 3-0 in the game for third place while Poland got fifth place after beating Italy 4-1 in the last game.

Euro Ice Hockey Challenge in Budpest      
3 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Italy  -  Austria 0-2
3 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Hungary  -  Poland 2-1
4 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Korea  -  Italy 2-3 SO
4 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Poland  -  Denmark 1-3
5 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Austria  -  Korea 4-6
5 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Denmark  -  Hungary 1-3
6 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Poland  -  Italy 4-1
6 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Hungary  -  Korea 2-3
6 Nov.   Budapest (HUN)   Austria  -  Denmark 2-0
Standings: 1. Korea, 2. Hungary, 3. Austria, 4. Denmark, 5. Poland, 6. Italy


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